My teaching journey began more than twenty-five years ago when I started working as a mathematics tutor in secondary education cram/coach schools. I took my first steps in higher education in 2001 as an adjunct assistant lecturer / instructor in statistics and financial mathematics at the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (currently HMU), in Greece. Over the years, I gained extensive experience in university-level teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including distance-learning courses. Since 2008, I have designed and taught several modules in applied statistics, biostatistics, epidemiology and research methods directed to diverse groups of students in varied undergraduate programmes in Medicine (UoS & UoC), Nursing, Social Work, and Agriculture (TEIoC/HMU), and postgraduate courses in Public Health, Clinical Research, Surgical Sciences, and Biostatistics (UoS, UoC & UoA). I have also sought to transfer and disseminate my research experience by contributing to short courses for healthcare professionals and by providing research support and mentoring to other researchers, students and colleagues.

I approach teaching as a continuous effort to motivate and be relevant and useful, offer diverse learning resources, and adapt to the background, needs and aspirations of my students as a group and individually. I explore new ways to improve teaching delivery and its impact through regularly seeking feedback from students and colleagues and by pursuing opportunities to continue developing as a teacher. Upon external evaluation of my practice in teaching and learning, I was awarded the status of Fellow by the Higher Education Academy in 2017 while serving as Assistant Professor of Epidemiology & Medical Statistics at the University of Sheffield, UK. In December 2018, I was appointed Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Crete, Greece.

My current teaching activities, include:

Lecture notes from past modules:

Below are some lecture notes which have been printed and distributed or made available online to students attending my classes since 2001:

  • 2014-18: Critical Numbers: Tutorial Workbook in Introductory Statistics and Epidemiology for Undergraduates in Medicine. [1st edition 2014, 5th edition 2018, 83 pages], School of Health & Related Research, University of Sheffield, UK. PDF, syllabus, example lecture.
  • 2004-13: Statistics using SPSS, part 1: Descriptive Statistics [In Greek, 1st ed. 2004, 4th ed. 2013, 131 pages]. Department of Social Work, Technological Educational Institure (TEI) of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. PDF, syllabus.
  • 2004-05: Simulation - Introductory Methods and Exercises. [In Greek, 55 pages]. Department of Informatics Engineering, TEI of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. PDF.
  • 2003-06: Financial Management (with R. Alexandraki). [In Greek, 135 pages]. Tourism Management Department, School of Management and Economics, TEI of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. PDF.
  • 2002-04: Introduction to Quality Assurance and Statistical Process Control. [In Greek, 163 pages]. Department of Informatics Engineering, TEI of Crete, Greece. PDF.
  • 2001-03: Mathematics of Finance (with R. Alexandraki). [In Greek, 112 pages]. Tourism Management Department, School of Management and Economics, TEI of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. PDF.
  • 2001-03: Biometry Notes for Nurses. [In Greek, 128 pages]. Department of Nursing, TEI of Crete, Heraklion, Greece. PDF.
  • 2001: Probability distribution models, sampling distributions and confidence intervals: concise theory and applications - exercises. [In Greek, 131 pages].  PDF.
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